Hi, I’m Mike – welcome to my site

“Mike Hill is by far one of the most extraordinary talents I have come across. It is rare to find someone who has the innate skill to execute the kind of complex designs that Mike produces so gracefully.”

David Stohl
Executive Vice President, Activision

“As a critical force in the creative process, it was impressive to see the creative choices Mike made in the moment, while remaining undaunted by the stringent time constraints to finish the project.”

Jan Bart van Beek
Studio Art Director, Guerrilla Games

“Mike Hill is a world-renowned art director and concept designer of extraordinary ability. The extent of his work on video games, films, and television for global companies, is indicative of his elevated status in the field”

Paul Inglis
Supervising Art Director, Blade Runner 2049

“Working with Mike Hill is one of the highlights of my career. Mike brings so much thought, care and logic into his designs that you would almost think they were engineering schematics for some Lockheed Martin future project.”

Thomas Szakolczay, Lead Artist, Infinity Ward

“Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare wouldn’t be the experience it is without the immeasurable contributions of Mike Hill.”

Taylor Kurosaki
Narrative Director, Infinity Ward / Naughty Dog

“Let me state with unmistakable clarity; Mr. Hill is one of the most accomplished creative directors I have met during my long career in this industry. He is a creative visionary in the best sense of the word and a world class craftsman, driven by a constant want for true excellence on all levels.”

Tobias Mannewitz
 Primetime Emmy Award winner, Creative Director
Karakter Design Studio


Hi, I’m Mike. I’ve been working in the film and games industry for ten years as a concept artist, level designer, creative director and IP consultant. I am co-founder and ex Managing Director of Karakter Design Studio, a multi-Emmy-award winning design studio.

I’ve worked on some of the world’s biggest titles, from Blade Runner 2049 and Game of Thrones to games such as Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Killzone and Horizon Zero Dawn among others.

In 2014 I left my managerial responsibilities at Karakter to pursue my own interests – including film design and story theory.  In that time I have created several educational seminars for Industry Workshops and Trojan Horse was a Unicorn that have been covered by websites such as GQ Magazine, How Stuff Works, Adam Savage’s Tested, HeyUGuys and Aintitcool news.

In recent years I have created concept designs for Blade Runner 2049, and Fractured Space – as well as other undisclosed projects for Tim Miller’s Blur Studios

I now provide concept art and creative direction as an independent consultant – If you’d like to get in contact my email is: